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December 14, 2014

Thank you Kristin who I don’t know for such a wonderful feedback about my book “I feel like I’ve found the perfect combination. This exercise routine is simple and after just a few weeks, my legs and arms are stronger and my thinking is clearer. Paired with walking or other cardio, I feel like I’ve found the perfect combination. #superbodysuperbrain


SBSB Asia tour finished

December 2, 2014

Thank you Asia for such a spectacular SBSB tour! Will be back with SBSB and glad that even I leave and go back to NYC my program stays Read more…

Largest SBSB certification in Singapore

November 29, 2014

Getting ready for SBSB great presentation for 100 coaches from different countries at Fitclub! Can’t wait to meet my new friends! With Susy Bachtiar Lembong Savitri Quamilla Thank you Abigail Teo Samuel Teo #superbodysuperbrain


Asia tour for Super Body Super Brain

November 19, 2014

packing and getting ready to what I believe the best SBSB tour ever to Asia! Can’t wait to get started and meet all my friends over there and explain more about Super Body Super Brain! I will see you soon!! #superbodysuperbrain


super body super brain conference at Department of Physiology, Medical Faculty University

November 13, 2014

My Upcoming Lecture at the University of Indonesia-Wow so incredibly honored to have been invited to lecture at the Department of Physiology, Medical Faculty University of Indonesia (FKUI). I will be speaking about my program and how I worked with a multidisciplinary panel of experts to try to understand how the brain controls physical movement and how we can help from the the healthy to the ones who are in strong need #universityofindonesia #superbodysuperbrain #physiology #fitness #exercisescience #physiological #medicalindonesia #universityindonesia #indonesiauniversity #tour #exercise #indonesiahealth


Online Personal Training

October 20, 2014

How are you today? Are you making health your priority number 1? I can help you to take your health to the next stage in life to that stage where you will feel unstoppable that you actually stopped the biological clock of aging. You need a customized personal training program that will feet your fitness goals. In order to achieve that you need guidance you need support and more important you need a qualified personal trainer.
Sign up at my website for free and let’s help you with your Personal training program www.superbodysuperbrain.comm




FITCLUB AND SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN! Tomorrow is the Largest Certification for SBSB in Singapore!

August 23, 2014



100 ExceptionalTrainers ready for SBSB! Few Hours for the largest certification of SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN with Susy Bachtiar Lembong and FitclubSingapore leaders Abigail Teo and Samuel Teo. No one knows the program SBSB better than Susy and I am so super excited that this is happening and we will make sure to work together and help people to live happy, strong and wonderful lives through exercise thank you for everyone who is coming tomorrow to the certification I will see you in November


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