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Next Certifications in Spain?

April 17, 2015

Super Body Super Brain España 100 new likes in just one hour! Thanks to everyone especially SBSB Master Trainer @javi_o  with whom I am organizing the next SBSB Certifications in Spain this coming November! Here you can join my Fb group  link #superbodysuperbrain ade with #picplaypost app #entrenadorpersonal #pilatesespaña #pilatedmadrid #zumbamadrid #reebokmadrid #certificacion #fisiologia #culturismo #yogamadrid #madrid #entrenador  

SBSB Olympic Adventure starts this weekend 

April 16, 2015

SBSB Olympic Adventure starts this weekend with Netball in America! Thanks for your efforts specially so many great professionals such as Presidente Sonya Ottaway Super Coach Ilze Gideons and many more Including an incredible group of players coming from all over the country in taking part of the selection process and be part of any dream for any College Sports Athlete heading to The Olympic Collegiate Games in Miami 2016. It will be hard work and an exciting opportunity for all of us and happy that SBSB (Super Body Super Brain) will be designing the Athlete Program. Good luck to everyone taking part of the team selection process this weekend and you will always be a winner by following your dreams of loving such a wonderful sport like Netball! See you in few hours Netball to  

  merica #superbodysuperbrain #netballinamerica


Drupal Website featured!

April 9, 2015

Thank you to #drupal websites for featuring My website i had few people signing up!  

April Fitness Schedule at Super Body Super Brain 

April 8, 2015

SBSB April Fitness Schedule: the time of the month has arrived again where you will have the opportunity of accessing my customized weekly exercises, 5 workout DVDs and unlimited communication with me. My main Goal is to help you as your Online Personal Trainer reaching your weight loss, strength training, toning and more. This will be the last month i will be able to offer this for free so please try it out and after that only $20 a month. Thanks to everyone who have tried the program and have encouraged me to make this ambitious project a reality! Thanks to Graeme Thom Maite Vargas Camargo Aseda Tena Cristina Puig Ariel Wen Nicole Morrison Bonnie David Sonya Ottaway Ilze Gideons Lisa Neetu ChawlaGengLorraine Malhabour Ana Pérez #superbodysuperbrain #personaltraining 


Fitness Head Coach for the USA National Netbal Team for the Olympics 

April 5, 2015

Super excited that I will be working as the Fitness and strength training specialist for with USA National team of NETBALL!! Excellent team with president Sonya Ottaway and coach Ilze Gideons I can’t wait to help customize a SBSB Netball Athletic fitness program and help the USA National team which will take part in the Collegiate Olympics in Miami 2016 first time ever! Super excited Netball in America! #superbodysuperbrain  

SBSB next certification: Ireland! 

April 1, 2015

Very happy that I am in advance talks to offer SBSB certifications in Dublin, Ireland in  November! Ireland is very close to England as you may know so feel free to come by! Looking forward to share SBSB with all my friends in Europe! spaces will be limited. We will announce when the dates are final. Looking forward! #superbodysuperbrain #england #ireland   

Kids strength and confidence 

March 22, 2015

  How does this help? Haha Loved Ralphi’s question to one of the SBSB HIIT 30/45/60 circuit. Prior to this circuit we have been working on biomechanics, balance,  coordination strength, multitasking movements. Interesting how he adjusted in the second repetition to use more muscles in his body to lift this cube. He later expressed me wow I never thought I could lift that cube! #superbodysupebrain 


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