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️Amazon 5 star review 

August 20, 2015

Thank you for the last 5 star review of my book at . Reviews are extremely important for anyone if any of you has read my book or ebook please leave a review ️Amazon. Thanks so much #superbodysuperbrain #amazon 



Englewood Hospital 

August 18, 2015

On My way to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center a wonderful place where they featured my program SBSB for corporate employees and run a pilot SBSB for Breast Cancer Patients. Looking forward to catch up with them #englewoodhospital

USA trademark office 

August 15, 2015

#Really excited that the U.S. trademark office has sent me a nice framed document of my registered trademark “Super Body Super Brain”. After 8 long years of researching a multidisciplinary exercise program to see this in an official Framed document it was incredible. Trademarks are important for Entrepreneurs and business owners. Body and Brain are two important physiological components of the human body and helps us with our integral fortress. It has been my dream to trademark my program with the strong believe in mind that the program can reach anyone in the world no matter the condition that may be suffering. An impossible dream? Maybe. It’s a big dream and I can’t do it alone that’s why I am extremely grateful and appreciative to all the support, encouragement and passion I have received all these past years coming from different parts of the world. thank you I guess the Universe has made it official  

Severe Autism and Exercise 

August 14, 2015

Severe Autism with SBSB. In my upcoming certifications I will explain the process of training a kid with severe autism who barely could move and now she is addicted to exercise following really intense routines. According to their tutors and mothers changes since she started exercising have been: behavioral, better control of tantrums, better social interaction, speech and sleep. This like many other clients have taught me to so much to keep persevering And thinking out of the box when comes to training and changes families lives #superbodysuperbrain 

Anatomy and Personal Training

August 13, 2015

Personal Training and Anatomy: It is absolutely critical to understand the importance of anatomy when comes to movement. If we want to help clients to move better we need to understand the power of understanding anatomy. The personal trainer needs to visualize what an Anatomy Model 3D would look like in each client and in addition we need the sensory proprioceptive feedback asking the client is it ok this movement? where do you feel it? Try this try that. Then we can monitor the effectiveness of the movement. Joint positioning, stabilization, propriocetive feedback, range of motion, intensity, recovery and degree of execution are other important factors when comes to asess a multitasking strength training movement. ‪#‎superbodysuperbrain‬

Anatomy 3D

Anatomy 3D

International Certification in India 

August 12, 2015

Excellent confirmed news coming from India- thanks To everyone following SBSB: today the program has reached a new milestone. SBSB Master trainer Devimeena Sundaram has set up a date for certifying with SBSB 100 sports coaches with the support of the local government and authorities. We will work extremely hard to make this certification a huge success and make SBSB available to great citizens from India!! thank you to everyone 🙏🙏🙏🙏 

Exercise and brain plasticity

August 11, 2015

Exercise and brain plasticity- With Exercise the Brain is never static. When one part of the brain is more active, it changes both its internal “connections with other parts of the brain. Existing connections are made stronger. Brand new connections are made. Unused and unnecesary connections are eliminated”
John Martin PhD Neurobiologist #superbodysuperbrain #neurology #neurobiology #harpercollins

super body super brain

Brain Plasticity and Exercise: Super Body Super Brain


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