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SBSB master at New Dehli shows SBSB at FITEX! 

November 28, 2015


India SBSB

November 21, 2015

 WOW super excited that I’m few hours and thousand miles away for making my dream come true and have the SBSB Master Trainer from India to conduct the first instructor certification with a great profile of attendees including physios, doctors, psychologists, trainers and Fitness specialists. It is such an honor that people are honoring SBSB and my work in such a a powerful way. Thank you!!! #superbodysuperbrain Super Body, Super Brain India

Certification in Malaysia 

November 5, 2015

Spectacular day 1 of SBSB double certification in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you for your support and encouragement bringing SBSB to your community in different forms: personal training, group exercise, special needs, sports athletes, seniors and Children. Thank you to the Baptist Church for your generosity in hosting the first SBSB certifications- tomorrow day 2 Agnes Lee Steven Teo MyFitness InProgress Samantha Pan SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN Super Body, Super Brain Malaysia 

Ready for my 4th Asian and 2nd European tour! 

November 5, 2015

  Leaving tonight for my 4th Asia Tour and 2nd European Tour! Wow Ready for my tour and to travel literally around the world! Can’t believe this! Thanks to SBSB i am able to Travel far away and share the latest developments of my program- Thank you to everyone making the effort and traveling from India, Singapore and of course everyone at Malaysia the organizing country and of Course Spain so honored!! 



Google and Super Body Super Brain

September 26, 2015


google and super nody super brain

Google and Super Body Super Brain- who doesn’t love Google? I think is one of the best companies ever and as you can see our both logos look way too similar (Google chrome and Google search) and if something I am happy is that I beat Google in something finally hahah! My logo was launched in 2013 and Google chrome and Google search (the one represented here a “G” with 4 colors. It was launched in 2014 and 2015. When I Launched and trademarked my logo it was two years ago and I wanted to represent what SBSB stands for: A Multidisciplinary Exercise program involving fields such as fitness, neuroscience, psychiatry and kinesiology among others, the representation of the 4 levels of progressive exercise: level 1 (the owl) Level 2 (the hawk) level 3 (the eagle) level 4 (the ostrich), A synergistically approach: the fact that these colors are put together are to produce a dynamic effect where the sum of the parts are greater than sum of the parts individually. The same happens when you navigate throughout the program and you need to integrate all the levels previously learned. I assume that Google wanted to represent what is trendy now color, integration, diversity and synergy 

Looking forward to be working on Google more! 

Amazon Review can you write the next one?

August 30, 2015

New Book Review! Thanks so much to reader Jan Moulder for reviewing my book and saying “Love the workouts in this book!!! they are quick, easy to do and fun and they get my heart pumping. In only two weeks I’m seeing improvement in my tone and stamina” if anyone has read my book reviews at ️amazon or any other platform are greatly appreciated thank you!! #superbodysuperbrain #amazon #amazonreview #bookreview #nfc #ufc #npc #acsm #nasm #amazonprime #harpercollins #harperone

US Army Bootcamp 

August 29, 2015

U.S. Army Bootcamp metabolic training. Military training is extremely demanding not only physically but also mentally. Right now I am working for two SBSB proposals in the South East Asia region. It’s funny how when i was thinking loud in what components need to be incorporated into these Military forces i bumped by the Great Lawn in Central Park a group of military men exercising with a fitness trainer. In my observation I could see how they were doing compound exercises structured in metabolic circuit training. SBSB HIIT will be in these lines. I will present them in Malaysia and Spain in 5 metabolic exercises structured in 30/30/30 (beginner) 30/45/60 (intermediate) 45/60/90 Advanced sports training. I really loved seeing this great military instructor leading a group of brave military men with the strong belief in mind that physical fitness with help them with peak performance #superbodysuperbrain   


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