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Sports surgeon to join Super Body Super Brain Team 

May 26, 2015

Sports Surgeon to join SBSB Advisory Board! Really excited to announce that Dr. Capt. Sarthak Patnaik will be joining the SBSB advisory board. Dr Patnaik is a specialist sports surgeon trained in all aspects of arthroscopic, reconstructive and degenerative surgery. He is currently doing training in United Stated and has finished his training in Europe, he is also the founder of Sports Science India, a sports clinic. He will be advising SBSB clients worldwide especially athletes and non athletes that will need treatment and provide the best treatment to all SBSB clients around the world in synchronization to a SBSB rehabilitation program. Wel  come to this great professional!

From NYC to Malaysia 

May 26, 2015

SBSB class in Labuan Malaysia. Proud of instructor Ariel Wen at Esperer Dance for bringing SBSB to their fellow citizens at this wonderful location. Wish I was there! #superbodysuperbrain   

SBSB International Certifications 2015 

May 22, 2015

Early Morning working on SBSB 2015 Certifications. This morning i woke up really early close to 5 am and started working on this years certifications. Passion drives us all and can’t wait to share the latest of SBSB! Working onKuala Lumpur, Malaysia with MyFitness InProgress Spain with Javi Ortiz Muñoz and Ireland with Siobhan Guthrie. As an entrepreneur I need to work on projects constantly and sometimes for months even years. This certifications are not confirmed yet but I am working hard cause I believe that work discipline and work ethics always conquers it all. I will let you know as soon as the November certifications are confirmed. Looking forward to see you all #superbodysuperbrain #sbsb2015 #entrepreneur #malaysia #ireland #spain #  

USA Netball Collegiate fitness Coach.

May 18, 2015

USA Netball Collegiate fitness Coach. Thank you to President Sonya Ottaway for sending me the official Tshirt for the USA team. Really excited with this upcoming project to be working with the Head Netball coach Ilze Gideons and all the Netball America Organization. We will give our best to get the USA team fitness ready for the Netball World Olympics to be celebrated for the first time in USA in Miami #netball #netballamerica #superbodysuperbrain #olympicfitness #miami   

Entrepreneur NYC 

May 18, 2015

Just posted my Online Website Flyer Pushcart Coffee considered one of the Best Coffee places for Entrepreneurs in NYC. I was surprised how friendly and helpful they were. As an entrepreneur you need to consider every single option to help clients and why not while sipping spanish “cortado” coffee on a Monday morning? Super excited with this! You can sign up for free at #superbodysuperbrain #entrepreneur #pushcartcoffee  #nyc #entrepreneurnyc   

USA Olympic Coach 

May 16, 2015

Ready to train the National USA collegiate team for Netball to prepare for the World Olympics in 2016 in Miami! Today will be our second session in two months and time to reflect where the players fitness assessment is and if they have been following the program I have designed for them. Season needs to be designed really carefully and we are in preseason still. I have been designing fitness programs for them through my online training system at and we have created a Wassap team squad where they need to report to me by sharing videos , data and body weight Goals. Excited with our second session! #usa #olympics #netball #netballusa #ufc #nfc #olympiccoach #personaltrainer  #usa #iloveusa #instagram #npc #bodybuilder #training #fitness #Superbodysuperbrain with #picplaypost app #obama #micheleobama #movemore Ilze Gideons Sonya Ottaway Netball America  

Next Certifications in Spain?

April 17, 2015

Super Body Super Brain España 100 new likes in just one hour! Thanks to everyone especially SBSB Master Trainer @javi_o  with whom I am organizing the next SBSB Certifications in Spain this coming November! Here you can join my Fb group  link #superbodysuperbrain ade with #picplaypost app #entrenadorpersonal #pilatesespaña #pilatedmadrid #zumbamadrid #reebokmadrid #certificacion #fisiologia #culturismo #yogamadrid #madrid #entrenador  


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