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Can Exercise Make Us Smarter? Absolutely! Scientists tell us why! New Upcoming book “Super Body, Super Brain release April 27th 2010

September 27, 2009
Exercise that involves thinking increases brain activity, leading to a better executive function

Exercise that involves thinking increases brain activity, leading to a better executive function

Dear Friends

We had really good news this last weekend since NY Times published in their Magazine page 24: “Can Exercise make us smarter?”. According to the New York Times: “Allow a laboratory mouse to run as much as it likes, and its brainpower improves. Force it to run harder than it otherwise might, and its thinking improves even more. This is the finding of an experiment led by researchers at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and placed online in May.”.

Note: We can say the same argument with strength training “is not the same doing a simple bicep curl that doing a bicep curl with balance (MGW)
Do you want to see how the brain works when you exercise?Have you seen my latest update medical animation for Super Body, Super Brain?

This is the original NY Times article 2009/09/16/what-sort-of- exercise-can-make-you-smarter/ ?emc=eta1

That is exactly the most important argument of the Upcoming Book (April 27th 2010) “Super Body, Super Brain” and the scientists that I interviewed for the book: ” if you force your brain to think while doing  a strength training movement, more brain activity will be required and the connections will get stronger and may turn that will help us get smarter (same as the article says)”. This article will be published and online in May same time the book will be released. This is great!

Also wanted to share the updated version of the medical animation:  You can find it attached or in my blog

Have a great day and thanks for reading so much!

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace
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