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Exceptional review from a Pilates Instructor trying my program “Super Body, Super Brain”

October 9, 2009

Professional Pilates teacher endorses "Super Body, Super Brain" by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mind-Body Fitness: Brain-Body or Body-Brain?

I am a certified Pilates instructor with 600+ hours of training and several years of experience. I worked in a Manhattan studio that trained instructors all over the world. I stopped doing Pilates because of embarrassment about a substantial weight gain, but more importantly, I had trouble connecting to my core, which is the essence of the program. I’m sure some might disagree with me, but I think Pilates as a fitness program, is for fit people!! Truly there are benefits for everyone, but from my own experience, the exercises don’t feel the same when you are fat.


Check out my book: Super Body, Super Brain

Mr Pilates, a genius

Mr. Pilates had a quote in German, which was something along the lines of “It is the mind that guides the body”. Pilates is a mind-body fitness program which requires concentration.

What do I think about Michael Gonzalez-Wallace’s Program, Super Body, Super Brain?

That is perhaps what attracted me to Michael’s program,  SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN. It definitely requires concentration….but hey! Although the mind initially is guiding the muscles, this program then shoots the muscle-work back to stimulating the brain and improving brain function, which is truly unique. And its fun! And the time passes quickly–no clock -watching! The work is done in short circuits with one movement flowing into the next, so before you get bored, you move on to another thing. This is not to say there is no core work. When I do the workout consistently, I can actually feel my body “sucking in”–I call it the “Michael effect”.

Program’s Results

In fact, several years ago when I first lost a substantial amount of weight, everyone at Pilates was asking me what was my “secret”.  Michael!  Along with his brainwork, he has a gift for shaping bodies. I do hope to incorporate Pilates into my program again some day, but I will always continue with the Super Body, Super Brain Workout. It is challenging, you can see your own progress, and it is definitely what burns my bodyfat the fastest…which is what I need right now. It requires effort on my part, but I’m trying to focus not only on my appearance, but my health, which is compromised by being overweight. And I’m an “apple” shape, with potentially more risk for health problems. Its easy to push those thoughts away with pasta or pizza, but truly, I don’t feel well anymore when I eat unhealthfully. Thats pretty good motivation. As well as those skinny jeans.

Check out my book: Super Body, Super Brain




Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Author “Super Body, Super Brain”

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  1. October 12, 2009 10:10 pm

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    im subscribing, please keep the info coming…

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