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Balance, Coordination & Strength: Your Brain can use your muscles like words with intentional movement

November 2, 2009

Cerebellum and Exercise

Use your brain when you exercise. Think of when you are going to work, aren’t you used to be concentrated, organized and articulate? The same can happen with moving your body. Many people love to exercise with headphones, TV’s and don’t pay attention to their own bodies. Guess what? Invite the brain to your workout: Challenge it and get your best brain ever!


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There are so many benefits from using your brain a little bit more when exercising. You will create new synaptic connections,  improve balance, coordination or concentration, (three critical brain functions) create new nerve cells, coordinate different brain areas to work together. How can we engage our brains when we exercise? Simple: If you move two muscles at once you need to think about it right? Plan a movement, use intentional movement. The same way that we select our words with an intention we can do the same with our muscles, we can move them with an intention and to do that, the Brain needs to play a fundamental role, especially the cerebellum (area associated to balance, coordination and planning) and the frontal lobes (area responsible for executive decision making)


One approach to fitness is to maximize brain activity through balance and coordination movements and design exercises that will incorporate and improve your balance, coordination, muscular strength and cardiovascular system.

The muscles are not separate entities flying around. Each muscle has a nerve terminal sending information back and forth to your nervous system. Therefore, it is crucial to design an exercise program where it is going to take into account this powerful system that we have: The Neuromuscular System.

When you do a simple movement as shown in the picture, you have over 35 muscles involved in that movement (28 stabilizing your body, core strength) 4 muscles in the upper extremity and 3 muscles in the lower extremity.

In this way, we will be able to guarantee that people can improve their fitness and also their balance, coordination, muscular strength and their cardiovascular system.

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