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Unclutter your brain with challenging strength training movements (2).

November 17, 2009

Brain Activity and Super Body, Super Brain

Challenge your brain with movement. Not every movement is created equal. The more complex the movement the more brain activity is involved. Studies are showing the incredible benefits of using your brain when you are exercising.

The human body adapts incredibly well to movement. Incorporate challenging strength training movements and you will get the best of a brain and body workout. This element of surprise and challenge will be fundamental to build new neural pathways and unclutter your brain with movement.

Intentional movement is critical when comes to brain function. The brain needs to plan, organize and execute a physical movement. Through continuously surprising and teasing the body with new balance and coordination exercises we will stimulate the brain, the muscles and your nervous system altogether (brain-muscles connection) That surprising effect will lead to a more efficient workout and you will consider your body as a whole unity. This new routine of exercises are structured in four levels that gradually advance.

Balance and Coordination play a very important part of your brain functioning more than you think. Take a look of the brain activity when you perform a simple balanced and coordinated movement like in the picture below.


Exercise triggers BDNF
Exercise triggers the release of BDNF a brain-derived neurotropic factor that enables one neuron to communicate with another. (Kinoshita 1997) Students who sit for longer than twenty minutes experience a decrease in the flow of BDNF. Practice with interactive dance video games can trigger sharper learning skills.

Upcoming Book Super Body, Super Brain will explain how to challenge your brain and your body

Motor skills are fundamental to learning (Jensen)

Lifetime physical activity grows new brain cells to live longer. (Gage)

Inentional Movement and Super Body, Super Brain

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