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Weight loss secrets by Fitness trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

January 23, 2010

First divide all your goals really clearly:


Ask yourself this question: Why do i want to lose the weight? For my health, to get into those jeans, or to be in the best shape of my life?

Your Mind will like all of them but your Mind needs to be convinced!, so  the “Health or best shape” response represent a more firm commitment and eventually a better solution and yes you will fit into those jeans!


Make sure that every Sunday you sit down and plan your week in advance. In other words it is like if you are scheduling sessions with your personal trainer and nutritionist and they are expensive!


Exercise and Nutrition

NUTRITION: Commit to clear changes in your eating habits. Write down what are you giving up and why.

Use the car metaphor: Your body is like a car: You need calories in the morning or when you move your car but not when you park your car. At night reduce the calorie intake. Maximum: 300 Calories

EXERCISE: Engage twice or three times a week into 30-45 minutes non impact cardiovascular and 10 minutes strength training movements a day (to make sure you will not put your weight back on)


Get on the scale once a week and make sure you are writting down the improvements

Other measurements: Waist line (how many inches)

or more sophisticated Blood pressure, body fat and so on

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