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Muscles and the Brain? Who said you dont have muscles or joints in your brain? Brain Mapping

January 25, 2010

It is often underestimated the power of the brain with movement. Modern science in the last century has established the correlation between the body and the brain.

Scientists can map which parts of the brain control various parts of the body. The mapping was done by stimulating the sensory or motor cortex with a weak electric current. The stimulation often produces some movement or sensation in different parts of the body.

Homunculus represents that anatomy diagram studying areas of the brain and their correlation with different parts of the body.

The diagram looks a bit like a little” superhero little man, so it is called the homunculus which means “little man” in Latin. The first homunculus diagram was drawn by modern scientist Wilder Penfield in the 1940s and looks similar to the one below. Notice that the hands, lips, and tongue are large, because of the large areas of cortex devoted to these areas of the body in humans.

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