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Fitness Model Sky Johansen explains how Super Body, Super Brain helped her to achieve her dream body

February 8, 2010

Fitness Model

Sky Johansen joins Super Body, Super Brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Super Body, Super Brain by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Hi, I’m sky johansen. As a former collegiate soccer player, boxer, and currently an international fitness model, I understand the differences in training and preparation for the true athlete, as opposed to that of the “weekend warrior;” those of us who train, but not to the extreme as the athlete who regularly competes in his or her sport (and yes folks there is a difference!).


In the coming months, my column will explore and hopefully facilitate the competitive athlete in all areas of training; the weight room, the playing field, or at home preparing before and after workout meals. I will explain circuit training and secular training and the differences between the two. I will discuss workouts pertaining to different cardiovascular exercises, the length of each workout, and which cardio workouts will target specific areas of the body.  Every sport requires athletic ability, however, some sports focus more heavily on unique abilities, such as running, jumping, throwing, or kicking.  I will provide ideas to help the athlete improve his or her specific skills in order to compete at the highest level possible in their individual sport, from basketball and football to martial arts and ultimate fighting. If the goal is to get your mind and body “game ready” and “in the zone,” then I will hopefully help you reach your goals and beyond.


Another area I will discuss in dept is arguably one of the most important components of an athlete’s training regiment, the diet. I will discuss carbohydrates, calories, proteins, omega 3’s, the importance of vitamins and other supplements, the purposes they serve for the athlete, as well as other areas of nutrition.  The difference between good fats, bad fats, good carbs, bad carbs, and how a high fiber diet can help you lose weight and get ripped.  I will guide each athlete in sculpting a body for the desired look and highest performance level. We all know that different workouts have different results, but not everyone knows exactly how to get the results they want. My column will teach you how you can train to reach your goals, whether it be to have the lean, cut body of a fitness model, or the strong body frame of a defensive lineman. For those who want the best of both worlds, I will provide tips on how you can achieve those goals.


One of the questions i’m asked most when i am on the fitness scene is about genetics vs. hard training. Frequently, frustration sets in when people train hard and eat right but they don’t see the results they had anticipated. Unfortunately, not everybody can have “great cuts” or “chiseled abs.” everybody, or most everyone, has a body part or parts that with the proper training and diet will flourish as far as “cuts” go. A lot of that has to do with dedicated training and the proper diet. However, a person can follow every training and diet rule and the part or parts will be “trained” but not “cut.” some of us have been blessed with great genetics, which help us, see results differently than others.  Do not misinterpret great genetics with easier workouts!! Yes, those of us who are fortunate enough to have come from a strong genetic blood line can thank mom and dad for the help in our training, but that does not give us permission to become slackers! It also does not eliminate those who don’t have the strong genetic backgrounds from reaching every goal that they have.

Also, I want to hear from you, the athlete. What are your goals? Is it speed, strength, endurance? Maybe all three? Do you lack concentration? What about your sleeping habits?  I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions in your journey to becoming the best athlete you can be!

Sky performing exercises from Super Body, Super Brain

What is Super Body, Super Brain?

Human performance trainer Michael Gonzalez Wallace has developed SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN a progressive exercise program that combines balance, coordination, and strength training with a super-quick circuit of multi-tasking movements that challenge and improve both your muscles and your brain in just 10 minutes a day.

Release Date: December 2010

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