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Neuroscience and Fitness:Training your brain with movement (1): Brain with Strength training movements

February 11, 2010

Brain Power has traditionally been associated to cognitive learning. Libraries are packed with Extensive brain fitness DVDs, software games,  promising the desired optimal cognitive functioning. However aren’t we forgetting the most essential of our existence? Movement! You may get angry when you cant remember your friends name but I can guarantee that will go ballistic when you realize that you cant move in the same way as before.

The brain can be trained with movement in several ways:

-From Left to Right

-From Front to back

-From your senses

Today we will be speaking: From left to right

Your brain consists of two brain hemispheres: the left brain hemisphere controls the right side of your body, the right side the left side. That’s why when people suffer a brain stroke in the left brain hemisphere it affects some part of the body in the right side. When brain stroke occurs some limited motion is expected.

Key Studies:

Physical activity provides enriched environments
In early studies in 1991, William Greenough discovered that rats who exercised in enriched environments had a greater number of synaptic connections than sedentary counterparts. Exercise strengthens key areas of the brain like the basal ganglia, cerebellum, and corpus callosum.

Cross lateralization (crossing the midline) integrates and energizes the brain for better learning.

Training Left Vs Right Brain Hemisphere with movement

How do we do that?

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