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Bill Clinton’s Heart scare: Keep Your Brain Young: Cholesterol Deposits may be killing your heart and aging your brain

February 12, 2010

Keeping your brain young with "Super Body, Super Brain": Challenge your brain with progressive specific movements

Keeping your Cholesterol levels under control  and you may be building your bridge to the eternal fountain of youth.

Cholesterol Deposits are the main risk to block your arteries. Why is it so dangerous for your brain? Your brain receives 20% of the total blood supply and if you have cholesterol deposits your blood supply will experience difficulties to send the blood to your brain. Studies have shown how cholesterol can cause abnormality function between the grey and white matter in our brain. White matter affects your Cognitive functioning

Lately Cardiologists have agreed that the real  risk is that this cholesterol deposits remain as “bubbles”. These “bubbles” will burst if we are under stress situations or following an unhealthy lifestyle. This will increase exponentially your risks to suffer a heart attack.

In my Upcoming Book ” Super Body, Super Brain” I interviewed the founder of “NY Prevention of Heart Disease” Dr Bradwaner. He explained me on the importance of following an active lifestyle and how is critical to control these “Cholesterol Bubbles” with exercise and the right nutrition.

No time to work out? Just 10 minutes may be enough! A fascinating study published in Stanford University concluded on how doing three sessions of 10 minutes it was as effective of doing 30 minutes with no breaks. “Snacks of Workouts”

Want to see a medical animation of my program?

What is the philosophy behind ‘Super Body, Super Brain”?

Tweak a strength Training Movement and add balance and coordination and you will get the best of two worlds: The best of a brain workout (improving in balance,coordination and concentration) the best of a strength training workout (circuit training). And not only that: then link the movements together and you will get an aerobic and a strength workout at the same time.

To see the study:

In a danish study in 2008 reported how when you break the workouts you control the sugars much better. This and many more studies in an Upcoming Book “Super Body, Super Brain” I will provide 4 progressive 10 minute routines to do anywhere to maxzimize your brain, muscular and cardiovascular activity. I will also have a nutrition plan and easy to follow recipes. You may use my “Snack of Workouts” few times a day. There are no impact..

What is Super Body, Super Brain?

"Super Body, Super Brain"

Human performance trainer Michael Gonzalez Wallace has developed SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN a progressive exercise program that combines balance, coordination, and strength training with a super-quick circuit of multi-tasking movements that challenge and improve both your muscles and your brain in just 10 minutes a day.

Release Date: December 2010

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