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Fitness expertise into a Clinic for Special Needs Children

February 24, 2010
Brain Stroke

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace partnering in a Clinic for Special Needs Children

Dear Friends!

I am really excited to have been offered 13% of a Clinic for Special Needs Children . The Clinic specializes in Cerebral Palsy and Autism. They believe in the incredible importance of physical activity and motor planning, right up my ally!

I was extremely honored when I received a call from them and they said:  ” We have been following your career and we would like to partner with you so you can bring your fitness expertise into our clinic”. I was completely speechless since that is exactly my goal in life: search for exercise programs that will benefit everyone.

My Dedication to Fitness and my eternal search for Effective Programs

I will still dedicate my commitment to launch my book “Super Body, Super Brain” this upcoming December for the consumer fitness market and I am in still talks to open my Fitness center by 2012.

Exciting Partnership: Bringing Fitness into a clinic for special needs

This exciting project, really opens a new path in my challenging projects where I believe that fitness and exercise science can play a fundamental role into anyone’s brain and body. The eternal Question is: Lets search for the Most Effective Exercise Sequence and lets monitor results!

We are still in talks about the contract but everything is looking really good. As soon as it becomes official I will post it here so you can come and visit me!

Just wanted to share this incredible and exciting news, one day before my 35th birthday!


Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Fitness Book

What is Super Body, Super Brain?

"Super Body, Super Brain"

Human performance trainer Michael Gonzalez Wallace has developed SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN a progressive exercise program that combines balance, coordination, and strength training with a super-quick circuit of multi-tasking movements that challenge and improve both your muscles and your brain in just 10 minutes a day.

Release Date: December 2010

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