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Successful, Inspirational, Motivational Quotes and Words of Wisdom for Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

March 2, 2010

Follow success applying this principles: Commitment, Sacrifice and Leadership

Life Coach Quote:

Do you have a job? Are you raising kids? Are you giving your best?  That is to be successful. People apply the CSL principle when comes to work or family: Commitment, Sacrifice and Leadership. However many people do not apply the CSL principle to their health: They feel lazy, not motivated, wasting their  time and not successful. Think again: You are always successful: fight your demons with the CSL principle” Commitment, Sacrifice and Leadership

Brain Fitness Quote:

Pick up your newspaper and read one article. Then put the newspaper down and explain that article to one of your best friends ( short term memory, frontal lobes, speech area, cerebellum (speech coordination), left vs right brain hemisphere

Inspirational Quote:

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. – Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

Wisdom around the Globe

Woe to the house where the hen crowns and the rooster is still (Latin Proverb) (

Fitness Quote:

Train your brain with specific exercises. Multitasking can be challenging and fun: clap hands overhead while you raise one leg. Repeat 10 times in each side.

Nutrition Quote:

Banana is a great source of potassium. Potassium is goof for your brain. Helps you stay focused, structured and sharp. Make sure you have one banana a day

Thanks for reading,

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Author of Upcoming Book: “SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN”, Release Date: December 2010

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