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Inspirational, Motivational and Words of Wisdom for Monday March 8th, 2010

March 8, 2010

Exercise can make you successful

Life Coach Quote:

The Human Body is a perfect machine. Take care of it daily. Do not tell me you take care more of your car than your body. This would make me extremely upset and it would require a complete change of attitude from your side.

Brain Fitness Quote:

Color visualization. Close your eyes and visualize 7 balloons. The balloon colors should match the rainbow. First imagine those balloons on your left side of your head and visually move them to the right side. Do the same exercise from the right to the left. Repeat 3 times each side (left vs right brain hemisphere, frontal lobes, parietal lobes, corpus callosum, temporal lobes, hippocampus, short term memory, frontal cortex)

Inspirational Quote:

You can’t lose weight without exercise. But I’ve got a philosophy about exercise. I don’t think you should punish your legs for something your mouth did. Drag your lips around the block once or twice.

– Gary Owens

Wisdom around the Globe

Worries go better with soup than without – Yiddish Proverb (

Fitness Quote:

Stretching day. Start and finish your day with a daily stretch. Stand up tall, open your legs slightly and touch your knees (for those advanced ones touch your ankles) hold it for 15 seconds and breathe deeply. Then bring your torso up and look up at the ceiling and hold it for 15 more seconds. This is one set. Repeat 3 times

Nutrition Quote:

Antioxidants are good for your skin, it makes you look younger. Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Blueberries is one of the best antioxidants. Make sure you eat a handful of berries daily

Thanks for reading,

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Author of Upcoming Book: “SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN”, Release Date: December 2010

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