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Fat Loss and Sports Nutrition-Weight loss -Boost your metabolism before and post workout

March 12, 2010

Weight loss tips by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Want to lose weight? make it simple: Don;t think you are hiking the Everest Mountain or running a marathong. YOu need to make the weight loss an enjoyable process.

-Rule number one: cut down calories, dont cut them down drastically but gradually

– Rule number two: Think of calories as energy. The same way your car needs gas to move in the morning so does your body. However when you bring your car back home your car doesn’t need any calories to be parked. The same happens to our body: WHat would hapen if you

3 Hours Before your training Eat Your reduced calorie diet (400 kcal max). Low Glycemic (low sugars) Carbs and fast Protein Absorption Food
2 Hours Before Hydrate. At least Half Gallon. Is going to make you lean
45 Minutes Before Eat a snack ( low or fat free, Saturated fats (danger), will slowdown the energy consumption
During Training Besides Water, if you are training a high Intensity, maintain your blood Glucose levels and reduce Muscle Catabolism ( see glossary)
Post training Eat recovery meal ( high protein ) to replenish muscle repair. Drink plenty of water
2-4 Hours post training Eat your next low calorie diet meal. Your night time dinner has to be the lowest one in the day. 3 Hours Before Bedtime just water

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Release Date: December 2010

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