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Want to get smarter? Stop Brain decline or have a leaner body? Cognitive Physical Training:Training your brain with movement (2): From front to back

March 23, 2010

You can train your brain in more ways than from left to right

Want to get smarter? Stop Brain decline or have a leaner body?

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From Front to back (2)

Intentional movement. The same way that we use our words with an intention, we can move our muscles with a similar intention. In order to do that the brain needs to plan, organize, structure and execute with a precision where intention and execution are in the same page. This is similar that when we are playing basketball or soccer and we visualize scoring a goal or making a basket and your body tries as best to make sure that intention and execution are as close to perfection as possible.


    Movement facilitates cognition. Movement is a central mission of the brain. (Sylwester)
    Bodily Kinesthetic is one of eight Multiple Intelligences. (Gardner)
    Most students, up to 85%, are natural kinesthetic learners. (Hannaford) Children in poverty seem to rely primarily on their kinesthetic abilities for learning. (Payne)
    Repetitive gross motor movement balances brain chemicals that calm behavior and elevates self-esteem and self worth, accommodates ADD/ADHD. (Jensen)
    Exercise triggers BDNF that increases neuronal communication. (Squires)

Super Body, Super Brain is a program that uses the brain with strength training


From left to right (left vs right brain hemispheres)

From front to back (Cognitive, forcing the brain to think, plan and organize a movement)

From your senses (through your sensory system, especially proprioception (eyes ears, joints)

Learning constantly (learning  new movements, mastering skills (hippocampus, cortex, frontal lobes)

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