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Wow!! I am so honored that a famous singer told me that I was her inspiration for her Hit Song “Fly Away With Me”

March 26, 2010

Hi there….

Wow! I got so lucky!….A great girl who is one of my best friends at the present time and that I dated for a while told me that one of the recent songs she included  in her Album”Attachment Theory” it was an inspiration about me? Yah! Exactly!…I was so speechless that I didn’t know how to react, so i wanted to read the lyrics as fast as possible and….I GOT LUCKY this time haha!….Careful with dating famous singers they may end up doing a song about you, hahah joking,,,she is phenomenal!…

This her interview go to 3:45 to watch when she speaks about us

Lyrics for “Fly Away with me” Please support her and add her to your Facebook fans, click here


I used to dream at night
That someone would save me
And somehow I’d wake to find
My love you had found me.
Then out of the corner of my eye
I caught a glimpse of your… read the rest of the lyrics click here

To buy her album “Attachment Theory” or listen to her songs click here

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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