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Latest trend in fitness? Biomechanics. Biomechanics will be for fitness what Steve Jobs has been for computers

March 29, 2010


Super Body, Super Brain is based entirely in Biomechanics

Biomechanics and Fitness will be in the next few years what Steve Jobs has been for the computer business

10 years have flown by and we have seen a complete different world: proliferation of computers, laptops, Apple Computers, Ipods. However, when we go to the gym, or we buy fitness magazines we often see the same exercises: shoulder lateral raises, biceps curl and always picking up a model that he or she is bored to death of doing those exercises.

Exercise science is moving to a whole new world: Biomechanics for Fitness will be what Steve Jobs has been for the world of computers.

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What is Biomechanics? Biomechanics is the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together to produce movement.

Biomechanics and fitness

A “total-body exercise” is an exercises that  work  more than one major body part or region. For example: Raise your arms and heels at the same time.
Why is this exercise so valuable? Look at research.

They are based in functional anatomy (how our bodies intended to move)
Metabolic demand (burning more calories since they are more muscles involved per movement) This science requires how to increase the metabolic requirement of exercise
Movement and Performance (how to enhance motor learning capabilities)

It is now more obvious that our bodies are far more connected than we have given them credit for.
In the case of exercise, the more intense the exercise is the greater the metabolic demand will be (Volek 2000)

If we want  to lose weight or reduce body fat, it is logical to use more body parts per exercise to get the clients to move as much as possible.
Total body exercises increase metabolic demand, which can play a major role in achieving goals.

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