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Free Fitness Consultation -Marathon runner asks Michael how can I improve my running technique and avoid injuries?

March 31, 2010


Michael I am a runner. I run Marathons and I was wondering if you have any articles or suggestions on how to be a better runner or I should say better preparing the body:) I love running but it is a hard sport on the body. I would love to read any feed backs you may have especially because I want to run a 50 mile run …next year I think I need both body and mind to be prepared for that LOL!!!:) Thank you

Michael’s Response

Hi Angelique, that is a great question, you know why? Many professional runners make the mistake that since running  is so strenuous they have no time for strength training or flexibility. Huge mistake! I want you to Imagine any professional or sports player such as Kobe Bryant or Derek Jeter.  Imagine if they  just practiced the sport without any additional training. They will get injured all the time. These players do structured  progressive strength training programs to help them perform better but also to avoid injuries. You need to think of yourself in the same terms. If you are going to engage into any physical activity that involves impact you NEED to add strength training and flexibility.

My Suggestion

My suggestion is that you add specific exercises involving the latest trend in exercise science: BIOMECHANICS.

Angelique, Biomechanics is the science that studies how physical bodies produce movement. What I have been doing is pick conventional strength training movements and transform them into powerful biomnechanical movements where you will not only build a powerful physical body but also a powerful brain.

Add this exercise to improve running technique and avoid physical injuries from Marathon running

To see the description of this exercise please click here

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