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Inspirational, Fitness, Nutrition Quotes and Words of Wisdom for Monday

April 12, 2010

Inspirational Quotes to make you think like a profesional athlete.

Life Coach Quote:

Past lover anyone? Have you ever met someone from your past and felt strange, like you still loved that person? Imagine if you met yourself 10 years ago, what would you say to that person? Would you have done anything differently? maybe a better diet, more exercise or a combo of both? Every day you wake up make sure you are giving your best.

Fitness for the Brain and the body:

Monday Cardiovascular training: Look for your closest pair of steps. Go up and down for 20 times at the time you are clapping overhead. That is one set. Do it 3 times (Please make sure you are allowed to exercise)

Inspirational Quote:

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” -Immanuel Kant

Wisdom around the Globe

one hand can not applaud -Arab Proverb (

Brain Fitness Quote:

Newspaper Headlines Game: Pick up your newspaper and glance at the headlines for 20 seconds. Then write down and see how many you are able to remember

hippocampus, left and right prefrontal cortex, frontal cortex

Nutrition Quote:

Monday should be your detox day: Salads for lunch and dinner, fruits as snacks and a piece of dark chocolate for your paladar. Add Water and your body will be detoxed!

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