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Free Exercise of the week for a leaner waist and a powerful core

April 16, 2010


WEEKEND CIRCUIT TRAINING: 2 EXERCISES (Make sure you are allowed to exercise)


Each circuit consists of 2 exercises that are described below. Do 5 sets. Each set should take you approx 30-40 seconds (total 3 minutes) Don’t rest between unless is strictly necessary

For example:Exercise 1: Football tapping: 20 seconds

Strength training: 20 seconds

This is one set

DO 5 sets-Total=10 exercises

FOOTBALL TAPPING : With feet wider than shoulder width and legs slightly bent, lift one foot immediately followed by the other one. Try to move your whole body not only your feet. This resembles as if you were sprinting so move your feet as fast as possible,Do this exercise for 15 seconds as fast as possible.

Followed by

A: From a standing position and holding a dumbbell overhead

B: raise the right leg bent to the side and the same time you bend your upper trunk, make sure you stabilize the movement.

Do it 10 times. Then change legs

Each circuit consist of Exercise A and Exercise B. Do it 5 times




ADVANCED: 7.5-12 (one of them)

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