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Happy Memorial,Thanks to all our soldiers! 5 Simple steps to keep your Memorial Barbeque Super Healthy

May 31, 2010

Healthy Barbeque


1. Use small bread buns for hamburgers or hot dogs ( you may be saving 500 kcal at the end of the meal)

2. Use small portions such as small hamburgers (not full ones), hot dogs bites

3. Use plenty of grilled vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots (don’t grill them to much, otherwise you would lose the vitamin power

4. Eat slowly, it is not  a race!

5. Drink plenty of water and keep the alcoholic drinks to 1-2, If you drive remember you CAN’T DRINK: it is for your family safety and other drivers.

Firing up some neurons in a Barbeque? Absolutely!: Come up with great conversation and topics that requires thinking…..such as what do you think about that issue? sports? intellectual conversation is the best one to fire powerful cognitive neurons!

Happy Memorial Weekend and Happy Barbeque!

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