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Cognitive Improvements and Physical Exercise-Fascinating Results!

June 3, 2010

Super Body, Super Brain is the new book by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace. Available January 2011


A Recent study published in the January issue of Archives of Neurology  says that People who suffer any cognitive impairments or cognitive challenges (that feeling of being brain foggy) should be encouraged to practice daily cardiovascular activity. The study wanted to prove that exercise can have a beneficial effect on mild cognitive impairment.

According to the Mayo clinic website, mild cognitive impairment affects about 20% over the population over 70 year old. According to Mayo Clinic they define it as “Mild Cognitive impairment is the transition stage between  the cognitive decline or normal aging and the more serious problems caused by Alzheimer disease.


Those subjects following an aerobic training program and exercising their heart at 75-85%. After 6 months significant improvements were made in this group. Results were greater in women then in men.

According to the study “Aerobic Exercise is a cost effective practice that is associated with numerous physical benefits. The results of this study suggest that exercise also provides a cognitive benefit with some adults with mild cognitive impairment”


What type of physical exercise improve cognition?

1.We know that cardiovascular activity enhances a powerful protein between nerve cells called BDNF, this protein has been associated to higher levels of cognition

2.We know that the more we use our brain in our workouts the better physical and mental results. (challenging multitasking exercises better than simple ones)

In my upcoming book i will explain how my program “Super Body, Super Brain” engages the brain and the heart together to help you improve physically and cognitively.


Source: The article discussed in this blog was printed  by IDEA Health and Fitness Association in a publication called “Fitness Journal”. I have been a proud member of IDEA since 2005

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