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Public School to implement my specific 10 minute Brain-Body exercises before class. Links between Movement and learning

June 9, 2010
Brain body exercises

Click in the image to watch the ABC segment on my program

Really excited that a public school in the Bronx will implement my brain-body exercises before their Science, Math and English classes. We have been hearing reports on the importance of physical movement before class. When we move we are setting our brain for optimal learning and I am so thrilled that all 45 teachers at PS 277 are as excited as me to start implementing my program this and next year.

The program will be instructed by 2 kids each time and those leading kids will be rotating each time to promote leadership, confidence and success.

The program will be based in the following concepts:

-Release of Endorphins

-Motor skill and Cognitive learning

-Cardiovascular Activity

-Sensory Integration


Previous Studies

    Movement facilitates cognition. Movement is a central mission of the brain. (Sylwester)
    Bodily Kinesthetic is one of eight Multiple Intelligences. (Gardner)
    Most students, up to 85%, are natural kinesthetic learners. (Hannaford) Children in poverty seem to rely primarily on their kinesthetic abilities for learning. (Payne)
    Repetitive gross motor movement balances brain chemicals that calm behavior and elevates self-esteem and self worth, accommodates ADD/ADHD. (Jensen)
    Exercise triggers BDNF that increases neuronal communication. (Squires)
    Motor skills are fundamental to learning. Memory is retrieved better when learned through movement. (Jensen)
    Heart-Brain Entrainment – the heart and the brain work together for learning. (Hannaford)

The program will start running this Thursday. I will let you know any updates.

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