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Mental task at work? Do these 3 Super Body, Super Brain exercises to improve mental performance at work

June 25, 2010

Exercises to improve mental performance

Exercises to improve mental performance at the workplace.

Movement improves cognition. We have been hearing reports on how kids who exercise get better grades, or  how physical activity is linked to a higher cognitive performance.
Why is this? Main Reasons:
1. When you physically move your heart sends blood not only to your muscles but to your brain releasing a protein between  nerve cells (BDNF) that helps us be smarter. It is similar to having that great feeling of being “AWAKE”
2. When you move your body with new movements, brain chemicals start functioning especially endorphins and dopamine
3. Complex motor task movements engages the brain from left to right from front to back same as any challenging mental task.

Mental task at work? improve mental performance at work
Now lets talk about you and how This can be applied to you at work.  Don’t you ever find yourself at your workplace with some mental task? Giving a presentation, sales pitch or just to convince your boss you are doing a great job?
I am going to give you a quick tip to improve your performance, 10 minutes before your mental task go to the bathroom or somewhere where you will have some privacy and do these 3 exercises twice as fast as possible (it will take you 2 minutes max) and get ready for optimal brain performance.
1.From the New York Times: Allow a laboratory mouse to run as much as it likes, and its brainpower improves. Force the mouse to run harder than it otherwise might, and its thinking improves even more. This is the finding of the experiment carried out by the research team in National Cheng Kung University led by Prof. Chauying J. Jen and Prof. Hsiun-Ing Chen from Department of Physiology of College of Medicine.
-National Cheng Kung more information, click here
2. Cognitive powers at the bottom of the brain

Exercises to improve mental performance:

10 repetitions each. This is one set, do it twice. Do it as fast as possible. make sure you are allowed to exercise

1.- Clap + Step back and forth

From a standing position step back and forth while clapping at the same time

2.- Opposite arm and leg raise

From a standing position raise alternatively opposite arm and leg. This is one rep.

3. Balance + Closed eyes

From a standing position, raise one leg and hold it for ten seconds then change legs


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