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Exceptional Doctor, Godfather and mentor is being honored for his fight against breast cancer

June 26, 2010

Englewood Hospital's Dr. Miguel A. Sanchez To Be Honored By The Kennedy Funding Invitational

I am so excited that my Godfather,Dr Miguel A. Sanchez MD from Englewood Hospital is being honored today for his exceptional fight against breast Cancer. I still remember that the first place I stayed in USA was at his house. Since then, we have had such a close relationship and everytime we see each other he is so interested in my career and giving me incredible valuable advice.

I am so proud that he is receiving this incredible Award for his exceptional fight against Breast Cancer

According to the Paramus Post “Dr. Sanchez honors Englewood Hospital and its patients every day with his devotion to his patients, his dedication to medicine and his leadership in the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer,” said Medical Center President and CEO Douglas A. Duchak. “We are privileged to have Dr. Sanchez as an integral part of the Englewood Hospital family, and very proud of this recognition.”

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Information Related Breast Cancer

Estimated new cases and deaths from breast cancer in the United States in 2010:

New cases: 207,090 (female); 1,970 (male)
Deaths: 39,840 (female); 390 (male)

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