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Congratulations to one of my best clients for being part of the winner team at The United States Bridge Championship- 2010

June 28, 2010

United States Bridge Championship- 2010

I am so excited that one of my best clients, Marty Fleisher was part of the winner team at the United States National Bridge Championship this last weekend in Chicago. If you want more information about the event and read the original article “Bridge” by Frank Stewart at the Washington Post, please click here

“I have been training Marty and his wife Andrea  for over 5 years and it still surprises me how dedicated and disciplined both are. After all these years, Marty has shown an incredible willingness to accomplish new physical and mental goals.  This incredible success doesn’t surprise me after seeing Marty perform really difficult Super Body, Super Brain exercises.”

Marty’s team will be representing USA in the World Bridge Championship in 2011.

Bridge is still very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are over 1,000 annual American Bridge tournaments and well over 4,000 Bridge clubs.

Marty Fleisher, photo by Andrea Beirstein


Do you want to learn how to play bridge click here

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