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Aging starts at 30, Tips to get to 100 and healthy? Genes (30%), Healthy Lifestyle(30%), Brain-Muscle Training(40%)

July 13, 2010

Succesful Aging Tips

Aging starts at 30, Tips to get to 100 healthy? Genes (30%), Healthy Lifestyle(30%), Brain-Muscle Training(40%)

Genes: 30%

We all know that genes play a critical role in how we age. However, Don’t rely only in genes for a longer life.  In Thursday’s online version of the journal Science, a recent study describes how scientists observed the genomes of more than 1,000 people living over 100 years old, all Caucasians, from the New England Centenarian Study and found a cluster of 150 genetic markers that are highly predictive of extreme long life.

The older you get, the “stronger and stronger the correlation,” says Thomas Perls, a professor of medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine and senior author on the paper to read more about this subject click here

Healthy Lifestyle: 30%

No matter what genes you have, if you don’t have the right attitude towards life you will still suffer a steep decline. You need to daily exercise, eat healthy, avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and overeating. Any of them can lead to an internal inflammation process and a progressive destruction of your vital organs.

Extremely important for aging  is how you deal with “Stress”, “Anxiety” and “Depression”

Practical example: Watch what you eat:follow a low fat and calorie restriction diet, exercise daily, Minimum Alcohol intake, non drugs, drink plenty of water and stay socially active among others

Brain-Muscle Training: 40%

It is extremely important to train the circuits in the brain that are responsible for movement. Otherwise you will experience a steep brain and physical decline. To read how muscles and brain relate to each other click here

5 Essential Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline

1.- Keep your Mind motivated and your brain active in any field that makes you constantly learn: reading,  problem solving, brain fitness exercises, learning a language, playing an instrument or a memory game.

2.- Work your brain with movement. You can train your brain with movement in several ways:

a.- From left to right

b.- From Front to back to read more on tips how to prevent cognitive decline click here

Articles and Sources for more information:

“The Science of Living longer”

“Characteristics of an Enriched Environment”

” Muscle atrophy and aging”

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  1. July 14, 2010 11:48 pm

    Great post Michael! Thanks for the info, ❤ it!


  2. July 17, 2010 9:53 am

    NUTS!I wrote a really long response to your post but my internet cut out and I lost it all! Oh well, just wanted to say that it was a great article! Nicely done!


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