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Best weekly feedbacks. Thanks so much! My upcoming book “Super Body, Super Brain” coming out really soon, stay tuned!

July 17, 2010

Super Body, Super Brain best weekly feedbacks-image from

Margaret (New York): Super Body, Super Brain is Hot, Smart, Sexy, Wise, and Successful. Amazing πŸ™‚ Keep doing your thing!. :)))

Denise (NYC) LOVE YOUR EXERCISES SO MUCH ! I did not imagine that such a short and easy to remember work out,
could my body work out in such a short time. I do, on regular basis,
some spinning, kick boxing, gym classes , weights and short treadmill
running ….so I was very much surprise when I feel it right away !! I
will do it every day and in 1 week let you know feedback again…

Patsy, CA : Amen! You have energized Facebook Michael!

Kimberly Morales, CA
oooh, this is motivating me even more, Michael! I’m on a mini-vacation and I still brought some of your exercises with me, it’s so good. Keep up the good work!!!

Aubrey,KS I’ve been doing the peanut butter smoothie every morning for breakfast and can already tell a difference in my tummy! Solo I am inspired to start using resistance bands every night to start toning.any excercises I can do with them?

Kimberly NJ: everyone should check out super body super brain!!!
it’s one of my secrets but so amazing i have to share!!!

Michelle, NJ: You are truly an inspiration.Thanks for the wonderful class at Englewood Hospital. I’m already missing it as are all my friends who took it with me!

Vanessa: Hello Michael, You were recommended by Kim M. I just tried the 6 min workout and it felt great!! I will be sure to do this every morning!! Thank you!!

Suzie Tue Jul 6, 2010 2:03pm PDT

Michael, Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us…. to be honest when I was younger I wasn’t interesting on exercises of all. Now that I’m on my 40’s I realize that is never to late to keep my brain and body healthy. Your upcoming book keeps me motivated. As well your tips.

I promise to try my best with this new routine. (It seems easy follow your directions, specially having your pictures as example). Well, and I’ll keep you post. Wish me luck!!!

Krisandra, CANADA Wed Jul 7, 2010 6:46am PDT

Michael you have been my greatest supporter and inspiration…I turned a very unhealthy life into an extremely healthy one… with proper healthy eating and no “snacks ;)” with lots of exercises that you catered to my needs…. I lost over 16lbs and have abs πŸ™‚ All this in a matter of a few short weeks too!!

I have never felt this healthy or looked this healthy!!

I can’t thank you enough!!

P.S. if I can do this with “bad health and being lazy LOL” you can do it too πŸ˜‰

Lori, MN Wed Jul 7, 2010 7:59pm PDT

Looking for new things to add into my workouts, and I really liked this circuit. It is short enough to remember, which makes it great to do in between cardio intervals, which I have been playing with. Would love to see some more routines like this…really, a little different than the usual crunches and such. I could feel the core muscles—especially liked the oblique one!

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