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Exceptional Health Conference:Michael Gonzalez-Wallace will be a Health Speaker next to prominent Medical Doctors

July 21, 2010

Health Speakers for an amazing event

Health Speaker for more info please click above

I am so excited to be included in such a prestigious Health Panel. I am very excited to share my program and my philosophy next to prominent Medical Doctors.

I will be speaking about the following topics:

-Brain and Movement: Fascinating connection. The treasure of the brain lies at its bottom: The Cerebellum

-Brain and movement? Aging and movement

-Strength training- benefits. Ways of combining strength training with brain power

-5 essential ways of training your brain with movement

-Achieving a smarter brain, a leaner body and a more confident you

-Upcoming Book “Super Body, Super Brain”

-Teaser Demonstration

-Question and Answers

List of speakers:

Sheri Ozawa, RN
Director, Patient Blood Management

Wellness in Obstretics and Gynecology
Hetal Gor, MD

What type of Body do you have?
Richard D’Amico MD

Nutrition and Cardiovascular Wellness
Nate Lebowitz, MD

Enriching Women’s life face to face
Audrey P Fey
P.M.E. Skin Care Specialist

Super Body, Super Brain: Fitness for the Brain and the Body
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, Author of ‘Super Body, Super Brain”

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