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Latest studies in Neuroscience applied to Fitness: We can use our brains much more when we exercise

July 30, 2010

latest study in Neuroscience applied to fitness

The Human Body is fascinating. What do we know about Neuroscience applied to  Fitness? In 1991, William Greenough showed how when mice are living in enriched environments (possibility of exercising, eating healthy) the mice were able to increase their synaptic connections and be generally healthier than their sedentary counterparts. After all these years now researchers are intrigued with the phenomena that since exercise is good for your health what type of exercise is better?

From the New York Times: Allow a laboratory mouse to run as much as it likes, and its brainpower improves. Force the mouse to run harder than it otherwise might, and its thinking improves even more. This is the finding of the experiment carried out by the research team in National Cheng Kung University led by Prof. Chauying J. Jen and Prof. Hsiun-Ing Chen from Department of Physiology of College of Medicine.

To read the original study click in the link below

-National Cheng Kung

How does this apply to you? Always think of challenging yourself in new ways. Are you used to do strength training movements just raising your arms, try to raise your arms and your legs, or close your eyes…tons of new and fun ways to improve your body and your brain in my book

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