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Latest Neuroscience-Brain-Muscle study-Breaking news: The More active you are, the better connectivity between brain areas

August 11, 2010
Complex physical movement uses more Brain Areas

Complex physical movement uses more Brain Areas

Networking is key and not only for business but for the BRAIN. As you may know the Brain is fascinating and what we know is that different areas of the brain are responsible for different mental or physical functions but all are integrated as whole. The speed of all those connections is what makes the brain a unique organ and very difficult to study. The metaphor that comes to my mind is a beautiful Orchestra.

Why should we care? One of the first aging signals is that different areas of the brain DO NOT coordinate with each other as effective as before. Howard Hughes Medical Institute concluded that this is KEY and one of the most important signals of aging. Check out their phenomenal research

However I have phenomenal news for you, one of my favorite researchers who I actually interviewed him for my book, Charles Hillman has concluded this phenomenal study that has groundbreaking results:

The relation of physical activity to functional

connectivity between brain regions, to read this study

click here

Exactly the healthier and more active you are the better connectivity you have between different brain regions and the better you are exposed to not see the biological signals of aging…..thanks so much Charles! I would be speaking about this topic and many more in my upcoming book, “Super Body, Super Brain”, to Pre-Order please click here

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