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My training schedule- Clients for Tuesday

November 9, 2010

Personal Trainer NYC-Michael Gonzalez-Wallace-Super Body, Super Brain

My training day:

Today I woke up at 6 and after meditating, I did my Super Body, Super Brain routine.

My first session is at 7:45. my client is a really successful lawyer who when we started he complained about tightness and limited movement. In addition he said he had put on over 30lbs in the last 5 years. The approach was a progressive strength training program that will speed up his metabolism, reduce body fat and develop huge amounts of strength.

At 9:15 I am training Anna, a 65 year old, extremely smart and very determined to succeed. When we started she was moving slow, losing balance, coordination unable to multi-task and running out of cardiovascular endurance. I have designed specific exercises that will increase their balance, coordination and strength. Now she is one of my top clients she just flies, moves smoothly, can coordinate and multi-task movements extremely well. It is almost like she is 40 again!

At 3’15 I am training Jonathan, a 12 year old kid who has focus, attention problems and attends a special needs school. I am so proud of him. With him I needed to get his attention by raising his body confidence, developing specific hand-eye coordination games and also an important sensory integration program. Before he was asking me; Michael when are we done? Now the session flies and everyone at school they are so impressed with his progression

At 4:15 i am training Lysa, 12. Lysa attends to a special needs kids school as well. When we started she had tremendous problems hiking a normal rock in central park. She would ask me: Michael why all these little boys can hike easily and not me. She was suffering from a lack of sensory integration and difficulties of focusing, attention and executive decision. After 4 months she is hiking without my help, every time she hikes she shouts : YESSSSSSSSSSSS!…..I AM SO PROUD of her, she has shwon the incredible remarkable effects of brain plasticity and sensory integration.

At 6:15 I am training Nelly. A kid in thee severe autism spectrum. What a phenomenal improvement and remarkable progression. I could not get her attention for 5 minutes at the beginning. I started designing specific exercises that she could feel that success was possible such as walking with eyes closed or jumping in a balance ball or sit ups and clapping. She is able to follow a whole hour of intense exercises with me including 3 minutes of meditation 3 times!….wow so proud of her and the accomplishments of her brain-muscle function!

At 7:15 i will be training my last client. They are a couple of very successful lawyers, really smart and extremely in shape. They are 50 but move like 35! I got them in my program an after 5 months they started seeing massive definition, incredible muscular strength, their brain was awake and also i was maximizing those brain-muscle circuits in an optimal way almost like training athletes. They are able to do my circuits with 10 and 12 lbs weights. When we started they could not do more than 3-5 lbs weights. One of them he is a champion in bridge and the other one it is one of the most successful lawyers in the country, don’t mess up with her!

In addition I need to work out, study, read and prepare my Upcoming conference for Learning Annex: Jump start your brain, check it out!

thanks so much for reading and I am looking forward to start my day and show how a SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN is possible

client names are anonymus to preserve client confidentiality

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  1. November 17, 2010 3:11 am

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