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Brain fitness and Movement: Optimize your brain-muscle power. My Upcoming Conference at the Learning Annex

November 10, 2010

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, featured speaker at The Learning Annex

If you are in NYC or in the Tri-state area Please pick up the Learning Annex magazine. i am on it!….I will be participating in the Upcoming event on November 20th “JUMPSTART YOUR BRAIN” I will be speaking on how the brain relates to movement, my research with experts, how you stop aging, and what is more important how to optimize your brain muscle power. I will be speaking on the latest research of fitness and neuroscience and how you can beenfit from it…..

Get ready to sweat, to learn and to ask me many questions. Please RSVP your spot at Learning Annex

5 Essential Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Preventing Cognitive Decline

Cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, auditory processes, motor coordination or executive functions like planning or multitasking deteriorate over the time unless used regularly

5 Essential Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline

1.- Keep your Mind motivated and your brain active in any field that makes you constantly learn: reading,  problem solving, brain fitness exercises, learning a language, playing an instrument or a memory game.

2.- Work your brain with movement. You can train your brain with movement in several ways:

a.- From left to right

b.- From Front to back

c.- From your sixth sense (proprioception)

d.-From constant learning of  new movements

e.- Movement mastery

f.- Practice cardiovascular activity daily. Cardiovascular activity enhances a powerful protein between nerve cells that helps us get smarter and fitter

3.- Eating can influence your brain in a powerful way. Foods with high antioxidants, low fats, low sugars (apples, yogurt, berries salmon, walnuts, strawberries)

4.- keep yourself socially active and make sure you are surrounded by great friends:  you can join a book club, walking club or a gym. Staying socially active is really important.

5.- Practice daily meditation to make sure you achieve a powerful , calmer Mind and a more focused brain

Thanks for reading!

My Upcoming Conference at The Learning Annex

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