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Exercise boosts brain function-Indianapolis star interviews Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, Author of “Super Body, Super Brain”

November 23, 2010

Exercise boosts brain function

from Indianapolis star, click here to read the article

My Quotes:

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, creator of the Super Body Super Brain workout, is to stand holding dumbbells at your sides, then lifting your right knee to hip height while raising the left arm up in front, keeping the elbow straight, until it’s overhead.

Add balance/coordination challenge to exercises.

The combination of aerobic activity or strength-training and movements challenging coordination or balance causes brain cells to be more active. Complex movements force the brain to work harder.

An exercise Gonzalez-Wallace recommends is: Stand with the left foot 3 feet in front of the right, dumbbells at the sides, palms back; bend knees to lower into a lunge, front knee over ankle.

His progressive exercise program combines balance, coordination and strength-training with a circuit of multi-tasking movements designed to challenge your muscles and brain in 10 minutes or more daily. His book, “Super Body, Super Brain” (, comes out in December to read more about this phenomenal article to click here

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