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Proprioception is our sixth sense- Train it daily: Close your eyes to improve your sixth sense

November 29, 2010

Proprioception: Check out to see my article and other exercises. Proprioception Exercise

Brain Fitness Quote:

Sensory Propriceptors feed the brain constantly with information about the world we live in. Main Proprioceptors are tiny receptors and found in eyes, ears and joints. They are feeding the brain where are we in space. This is a circuit in the brain, the sensory neurons that if you don;t train it daily it will decline extremely fast.

How can we train them: Easy: Stand up tall, raise one leg (keep it raised), close one eye and clap 10 times. Then change legs. Make sure you don’t drop your leg on the floor.

from Indianapolis star

Try exercise moves with eyes closed.

Removing visual cues while doing some exercises makes the brain work in ways it normally doesn’t to coordinate moves. You’re forcing the brain to adapt, so that’s improving its plasticity, said Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey. This improves the mind’s ability to adjust to new experiences.

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