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Hospital Grant: Super Body, Super Brain wins its first official grant

December 15, 2010
Hospital Grant and Exercise

Hospital Grant and Exercise

Spectacular news! After winning my first official grant I am really excited to inform you that my program will be implemented in a Hospital in Minnesota. The program will start running in February and we are now in the develoopment process.  My program is really specific and individualized  incorporating progressive strength training with biomechanic movements to improve brain and muscle function. It is a  fun, high energizing and medically endorsed workout that works your brain and your muscles at the same time with spectacular results in minimum time.

Program Description: A combination of the most advance school of Strength Training that studies Biomechanics, Human Performance Trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace presents his SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN FITNESS PROGRAM FOR ENGLEWOOD HOSPITAL: The New Era of Strength training is here: Use your brain to get a leaner Body and a sharper brain.
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace has been featured in O Magazines as “The World’s Fastest Workout” and Prevention Magazine

Expected Results After 10 weeks:

-Improve balance and equilibrium

-Muscular srength and muscular coordination

–   Improve blood pressure and resting heart rate

–   Feel more Energized

–    Improve Strength and Mental Alertness

–   Mental Sharpness and Focus

–   Cardiovascular Activity

–   Joint flexibility and muscular strength

-Home monitoring and performance report

for more information about my grant and where my program would be running email me at

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