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Designing a movement that has it all: balance, coordination and strength

January 26, 2011

I still remember those early days when I was seeing how my clients were not focusing. Although those days may sound fun to you i hit a bottom since I am always committed to absolutely giving my best. I remember training Mark at his Upper West side apartment. Mark “do a bicep curl” and the yawning will start, why? The movements were not sufficiently challenging. So i started thinking of my days practicing basketball. When you play a sport, you are engaged, you are focusing in multi-tasking different muscle movements but also specific motions requiring balance, coordination and strength. So i started asking to myself why not add those principles to the most important physical exercise strength program? “Mark, do a biceps curl while lifting the right leg, then cross the leg behind and simultaneously do an upper back extensions and a semi-sqaut plie”. My client became focused, mentally engaged, happy but also sweaty, his muscles were projecting muscle power and more powerful brain muscle connection. To browse inside my book click here

Components of a perfect movement:





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