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The emotional brain and Brain Chemistry! My book interview with Michael R. Liebowitz M.D Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University

February 14, 2011
Psychiatry and Neurotransmitters

Psychiatry and Neurotransmitters

I was so excited when I had the chance of interviewing Michael R Liebowitz MD for my Book, Super Body, Super Brain. He is considered the Michael Jordan of Psychopharmacalogists. I just wanted to share this great quote that has to do with Valentines! He wrote this brilliant book, The Chemistry of Love where he discusses the physical effects of meeting someone you care deeply about and all the classic feelings of love attraction. This excitement has to do with the creation of a Neurotransmitter fortress. This feeling can be very similar to the one you are creating when you are exercising and creating a new you, That excitement is produced by increased levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated to novelty and excitement. CLICK HERE to browse and buy my Book SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN

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