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Today is my 36th Birthday! Thanks so much to my Publisher Harper One, My Family, Friends and everyone at Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for your support!

February 25, 2011
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace's 36th Birthday

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace's 36th Birthday

Hi there followers, fans and supporters. Today is my 36th birthday and it is such an incredible honor to spend it with all of you. I still remember moving to NYC in May 2002. New York City was recovering from the terrible terrorist attack in a remarkable and  resilient way. It was like yesterday when I changed my banking outfits to short pants and hand out flyers at the Yankee stadium. it was for sure a wake up call. Since then i got immersed in my pasion, fitness. After many years working hard I could never believe that at 36 i will be having my book “SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN” in every book store in the country.

At this time of my life i feel this is just the beginning and i am thrilled with all the upcoming projects I am involved with. I am so happy that my program is running in schools, special needs schools, Physical therapy centers, Hospitals and I left the best for last: I announced that my program won a 25K grant from the Anderson Foundation to implement a SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN program for Parkinson in a Hospital in Minnesota.

Thanks again for all your birthday wishes!!!

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