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Magazine Cover: Super Body, Super Brain makes it to the front cover and happy to get more reviews!

February 28, 2011
Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover for Super Body, Super Brain

I am so thrilled and excited that my book made it to the front cover of a great magazine in the Midwest. My program tackles that not every movement requires the same brain or muscle activity. If we select a strength training movement and we add balance, coordination and intention you get the best of both worlds: the best of a brain workout but also the best of a strength training workout. In addition,  my program multitasks muscle groups in the same movement helping you achieve  greater health and a much better fitness level. This an instructional video I did about Super Body, Super Brain

This last weekend was my birthday and for me there is not a better birthday present than receiving tons of great feedbacks from all you.

I wanted to share few of them with you:

By Michelle Oleski (Fair Lawn, NJ USA) Super Body, Super Brain: The Workout That Does It All (Hardcover)

This book really does it all! The “Basics” chapters on brain muscle and emotional brain and exercise, are intelligent, clear, and concise. Though I recommend reading all of the chapters, for those who want to get to the point and get to the workout, the layout and section titles make it easy to go back and reference a particular topic later on if you need to. The chapter on Smart Food Choices for a Better Brain is full of information on healthy, nutritious eating, including recipes, which makes this book a complete package.

from Deb, Los Angeles, CA: Everyone has grandparents and parents who will become elderly. This is a very important and large percentage of the population as the baby boomers become senior citizens and will help them stay physically mobile and mentally fit. I think it is great that you are reaching out in this way to senior citizens on a personal and moral level because it is something that can truly help them as well as being beneficial on a business level. We have talked about your work with kids, healthy as well as disabled / autistic. Keep going! You’re doing good work and your kindness and openness to all levels of people genuinely touch their lives. You’re a good soul. Bless you!

from Michelle, IOWA: We did the family workout together. He was giggling the whole time and said Monkey + Partners Clap was his favorite. I really liked it because it was something that we could do together, and I was actually able to do it…I am recovering from a ruptured plantar fascia from playing tennis and not being in shape. I like that the circuits are low impact, and I’m looking forward to seeing the effects! We are going to do the family workout together after I get home from work every day.

From Jessica, Florida

  • You’ll really love this, last night, instead of family game night, we had family exercise night and Christi and the girls did your video with me! :) Afterwards, the girls(who are 8 & 11) were asking if they could set their alarms early to get up and do the video before school! :) Thank you!
Health and Fitness Books: Super Body, Super Brain

Health and Fitness Books: Super Body, Super Brain

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