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Special needs and Exercise. Email response to a mom: Can you make exercises more fun?

March 14, 2011


I wanted to share an email I sent to a special needs mom: Hi Mary (not real name)

Well regarding to make it fun you have to see it like this…there are things that are going to be more fun than others…but when kids are learning Math at school probably they would like to play games and they don’t. Or maybe they want to learn math by playing games and that is great but sometimes maybe is not appropriate. In other words when comes to my Super Body, Super brain program I am not really doing certain exercises just to make them feel good but to show results and as you may see in the book there is a lot of science behind (biomechanics, motor, kinematic, kinethics just to mention a few…it is extremely specific)…for example I need to show kids improvement in bilateral cross lateralization, motor planning, multi-tasking limb movements, sensory proprioceptive feedback, physical strength and more. Josh has problems with all of them. Crossed movements are still jerky there are not smooth, motor planning it is not integrated and sensory proprioceptive (catching) it is really not well developed. Many problems with jumping and reaching. With all the other kids that I have seen huge improvements (Jeff, Mary, Michael) they started in probably worse initial stages than Josh but they were consistent with the training and after 6 months everything gets integrated, some better some worse but integrated and thinking of moving on to more progressive movements. Once that you master a grade you need to keep moving like you will do with speech or math. In other words when it comes to the parents my advice is to make this training (it doesn’t have to be with me) a huge priority for the kids development cause if you miss these years it will be difficult to recover them later since their brain and muscles are so apt for change. Think of learning a language, it is a form of language and the earlier the better. Kids are better of learning a language at an earlier age, same happens with motor, biomechanical movements.

He is going to be able still to practice few sports (ski) but when comes to team sports I can tell you that he will have a lot of challenges since the body and the brain is not integrated in very important areas. I just wanted to send you a quick note since I wanted to talk to you but could not find an opportunity. I know how much you care for your son and he is lucky that you are on top of it Sorry for being so clear. I hope you are well!

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