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Larry Flick @SIRIUS radio will feature my book Super Body, Super Brain: Wednesday march 30th 10:00 am

March 30, 2011


I am so thrilled and excited that I will be participating at this great radio show at Sirius radio with Larry Flick. Every time we got dozens of callers so interested in how to make their lives healthier so Larry and me we have decided to launch a great initiative to help the listeners to lose the weight and be healthier forever. I will be calling them twice a week once for program design and to monitor results. I will send them healthy menus and food choices to make sure that every Friday they send me positive results. The 2 winners this week are: Brian from South Carolina and jess from Florida. I will track both of them and post their results. Please click here to participate and achieve a SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN

March 1st,2011

Hi Brian and Jess

How are you? Great job that you are starting the fitness plan. We need to see consistent results and I will help you in your journey to achieve them faster but i need you to help me out since my reputation is in the line. So here i am attaching you the fitness plan for your whole week and templates that you need to fill in and return to me. You can either fill them in   powerpoint format or text format. You can print them as well so your mindset knows that is a priority in your life right now.
In addition i want you to tell me what activities you like so I can include them in the next plan. Remember that lifting heavy it may not be suggested in the early stages of a weight loss plan so i want you to keep it low as possible. You are looking for numerous repetitions to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat.
For the nutrition plan you need to follow the book. In the book i have meal options you can have and several recipes. Make sure that from Monday to Friday you will be as good as possible and that includes that keeping low calorie meals especially at night and absolutely no complex carbs after 5 (bread, pasta, rice, beer, dessert, juices, sodas). have water or seltzer, and follow the nutrition plan and give it back to me. I want to make sure you see results asap.
I hope i get your data fast and please email me back with feedback. Also I need every Friday to see the weight data.
Thanks so much and Happy journey. Really excited in helping you out!


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