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Take a look at Body Smart: the best digital magazine: Check my weekly Super Body, Super Brain movement and many more great health stories!

April 13, 2011
Check out this amazing magazine that i am writing for

Body Smart Features the best health stories. Click in the picture to see this magazine for free

Get ready for my new SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN weekly movement at the best digital magazine Body Smart. For just $6 you can enjoy 12 weekly issues: In addition to my weekly movement, Dr Katz and another amazing stories. You can read it in your computer, mobile, IPAD, IPHONE or other. Give it a try! Excellent way to have a life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist at your computer. Click here to get this offer:

In this week issue at Body Smart:

All that bending, digging, raking, and planting add up, John Hastings tells us in this week’s BodySmart. In addition to a bountiful harvest, find out what gardening can do for your health.

Also in this week’s issue: dance your way to fitness with Zumba, the truth about fatty snacks, how religion (that’s right, religion!) can affect your weight, and more. click here to see more

With my SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN movements you will improve:




-Cardiovascular Health




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