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Oprah’s last TV episode. Congratulations to a remarkable human being-My personal experience in O, The Oprah Magazine

May 25, 2011
Oprah Last Episode- My experience in O, The Oprah Magazine

Oprah's Show- Last Episode- My experience in O, The Oprah Magazine

Oprah’s last show will be today. Oprah has not only achieved the status of excellence but the status of being a true caring and loving human being. Oprah’s has changed dramatically lives all around the world from South Africa to New York and very especially the one who is writing this blog. She has showed that beyond loving her  job she truly wants to help people to find their voice and empower them day by day. It really made speechless to see all those students who she helped through her grant and assist them to attend to college. I want to share how Oprah has helped me.  I remember that 6 years ago I was debating between a come back in my lucrative career of finance and a possible career less lucrative in health and fitness. Banking salaries are by far much better than the ones in fitness so I was ready to make my way back to Investment banking when O, The Oprah Magazine called me in November 2005. O, The Oprah Magazine wanted to know how my fitness program could improve the brain-body connection. This program back then i called it NMPST (The Neuromuscular Progressive Strength Training). Since then my career has skyrocketed attracting many neuroscientists to my line of work.

Then my life in 2006 changed: O, The Oprah magazine wrote an article about my program and called it “The Workout that does it all”. Since then i got at least 400 emails from everywhere in the country (see below to read some of the original emails). All of these emails had something very powerful in common and it was that everyone encouraged me to take my program to the next level, to make sure I publish a book since they wanted to know how they could benefit from my program. After that February 25th 2006, that it was my birthday as well I finally found my life mission and it was not going to be banking but  fitness and I thank Oprah and Oprah Magazine to showing the way of an incredibly career where I actually i am helping individuals day by day.

I may not making too much money but I have never been happier before. I finally published a book called Super Body, Super Brain and my program is running in Schools, kids with Autism and just got a grant to implement my program for Parkinson disease, thanks a million Oprah!

if you want to check my book click here

This were few of the orignal reviews from my article ” The Workout that does it all” In O, The Oprah Magazine and

1. -Name: terry Gender:f Age:45 


Comments: Come on!  Where’s the book?  Where’s the video?  You are in Oprah!  For goodness sakes!  You are on a roll!  I can’t wait for the Book and the video.  If you can help, which I think you can, Great!  3 car accidents and an assault later, I need all the help I can get to reconnect the mind body connection.  Thanks 

 2. – Name Monica Gender:Female Age:62 

 Comments: Hi Michael, I spoke to you a few days ago. To refresh your memory. I work in a hospital in Los Angeles, 62 years young, a Nurse Anesthetist and hopelessly addicted to your exercises. I have all of my friends doing the exercises and encourage everyone who isn’t to do them.However, I need more of a challenge now and heard that you are working on a book or something.You did promise that until such materialized you would let me have some other exercises if I e-mailed you. Well, here it is.Please keep me informed when you publish this new book or CD.It was truly wonderful talking to you. Monica 

3. -Name yuliana Gender:female Age:29 

Comments: Where can I learn more about this program besides the Oprah article.  I tried the exercises in the magazine and loved it! Does Mr. Wallace have a book published? 

4. -Name: Tamara Gender:f Age: 45 

Comments: I hope you plan to release a book and/or DVD soon because I Think you’re onto something really innovative and life changing here!  I am very impressed by the workout featured in Oprah’s magazine last month.  It is perfect for those limited on time and space, yet it seems quite powerful. I am adding it to my current routine and I can feel it Working in places where I don’t usually get any results.  I can’t even get through the entire 4 sets of the beginner versions yet, but I’m confident I will get there.   I workout regularly (cardio and strength 5 times a week), yet I am 100 pounds overweight.  I lost 200 pounds and managed to get to a healthy weight with intense strength training 15 Years ago but regained 100 pounds when I developed carpal tunnel Syndrome.  Are there any special considerations for a morbidly obese? A person attempting this workout?  Thanks again for sharing this amazing plan with the world. 

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