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Motor systems and movement why are they so complicated?

July 9, 2011


Motor circuits are the networks of nerve cell connections that enable us to perform a full range of daily movements from tying up a knot to walking or moving in a specific way. However these networks require precise information from the sensory neurons located in our muscles, soft tissues. In other words movement involves both networks working together In a coordinated manner.

In simple terms in the Neuromuscular system there.are two types of signals:

1. AFFERENT refers to pathways leading to the brain ( sensory neurons)

2. EFFERENT refers to pathways moving away from the brain to your body (motor neurons)

According to Dr Ghilardi from NYU she told me “michael as important are the Motor neurons as the sensory neurons” let me give you an example so you can see how these two systems

interact with each other:

Raise left leg and keep it raised for ten seconds then close your eyes. 

As you can see in one you need to move the leg in specific way ( motor neurons) and when closing your eyes your sensory neurons need to work extra hard to not make your body fall.

I love the neuromuscular system don’t You?

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