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Brain, exercise and Memory. My Upcoming Speaking engagement: Super Body, Super Brain at Somerset Medical Center

September 21, 2011
Super Body, Super Brain Medical Conference

Super Body, Super Brain Medical Conference

Dear followers I hope you can join me for a phenomenal talk about my program Super Body, Super Brain in one of the most respected medical Centers in USA, Somerset Medical Center. I will be discussing the brain and movement, neuroplasticity, exercise and memory, the importance of hand eye coordination and I will provide a sample of my physical workout to all of the attendees. I hope you can join me. Click here for more information. I will like to thank the wonderful organization called Schedule for making this event possible. I am absolutely looking forward to this event!

Super Body,Super Brain

Discover a unique exercise program that combines balance, coordination and strength-training with a super-quick circuit of multitasking movements that challenge and improve your muscles and brain in just 10 minutes a day. Staff will lead memory Strengthening activities. A book signing will follow. Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, author and personal trainer

Thursday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. to noon

Somerville Elks, $5


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