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Super Body, Super Brain Move of the Week: Core exercise- Plank with pushups

September 24, 2011

plank is the best core exercise. Body smart from nomad editions. Picture: Beth Bischoff

Olympian Core training
Try this exercise from Body Smart, the magazine I write for weekly. This week Core Super Power! Ever wanted to practice an exercise that many Olympians do? This circuit uses almost 300 muscles! Check this exercise for increased core power, greater upper and lower body strength, stamina, cardiovascular and focus!

Instructions: Get down on your elbows and maintain your body as vertical as possible for ten seconds feeling the tension in your core then push with your right hand first straightening the right arm and then with your left side moving from bent elbows to straight arms similar to a yoga plank pose.  Do it 5 times in a row with each arm. After this finalize this exercise doing ten push ups. (if you have any shoulder injury just transition to push ups) This is one set. Beginners do it 3 times more Advanced 5 times.


Check my book Super Body, Super Brain for the world’s fastest fitness program: O MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2008

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