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Marathon Tips: 5 Tips for this weekend’s Marathon

November 4, 2011
Marathon Tips

Marathon Tips by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace Author of Super Body, Super Brain

Marathon produces satisfaction and a great physical effort. Therefore it is necessary that you follow an appropriate program that will imrpove your strength, cardiovascular endurance and response to fatigue. Such extended energy demands require different multi organism levels to work over the limit: the cardiorespiratory, endocrine, and neuromuscular systems to operate at an elevated level for an inordinate length of time. Strength training can be your real edge Certainly, the physical stress of running a marathon played some role in not holding a women’s Olympic marathon race until 1984.

In  practical terms, running a six-minute-per-mile marathon requires a 12-fold increase in energy production for over  two to three hours. It is no surprise then that the story of Pheidippides and his long journey to do the first marathon run to Athens easily evolved into a greek tragedy on about how running a marathon can kill its original founder. Fortunately, scientists have researched the physiological stresses of running a marathon. The findings from such studies can help potential marathon runners better appreciate and improve their possibilities for enjoying such a s wonderful race like the Marathon.

Try Super Body, Super Brain to improve your Marathon

Marathon Race this weekend in NYC

marathon tips

marathon tips




Try this Exercise Before running the Marathon in New York City

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