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Exercise for Seniors and Tips to prevent cognitive decline. My Upcoming Book tour in Cape Coral, Florida

December 2, 2011

My Grandmother reading my book Super Body, Super Brain

People over age 80 represent the fastest-growing population in the world. By the year 2040, it is projected that 3.5% of the U.S. population will be 85 or older, compared to less than 2% today.

This weekend I will fly down to Cape Coral, Florida for a book tour and hold several event. Probably you are wondering why Cape Coral? Well very easy my 85 year old  Grandmother lives down there and she has been begging me to come down there and talk to her neighbors at the book store, at the church and more! I am really excited to see my grandmother and get to know everyone down there. I still remember when I was 15 years old how my Grandmother would wake up at 6 and do jumping jacks, push ups and crunches. However now she is going through challenges such as loss of hearing, balance, coordination, joint stiffness and reflexes. I am planning to show her few exercises to address those issues:

Like for example:

-Raising opposite arm and leg raise

-Walking heel to toe

-Leg Extensions

-Stretching and flexibility

This was my first show on CNN Headlines News and Comcast speaking about Aging and my Adjusted program for seniors

To see an excerpt of my book Super Body, Super Brain click here

5 Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline
Cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, auditory processes, motor coordination or executive functions like planning or multitasking deteriorate over the time unless used regularly

1.- Keep your Mind motivated and your brain active in any field that makes you constantly learn: reading,  problem solving, brain fitness exercises, learning a language, playing an instrument or a memory game.

2.- Work your brain with movement. You can train your brain with movement in several ways:
a.- From left to right b.- From Front to back c.- From your sixth sense (proprioception) d.-From constant learning of  new movements  e.- Movement mastery f.- Practice cardiovascular activity daily. My Book specializes in delivering the best of a brain and body workout

3.- Eating can influence your brain in a powerful way. Foods with high antioxidants, low fats, low sugars (apples, yogurt, berries salmon, walnuts, strawberries)

4.- keep yourself socially active and make sure you are surrounded by great friends:  you can join a book club, walking club or a gym. Staying socially active is really important.

5.- Practice daily meditation to make sure you achieve a powerful , calmer Mind and a more focused brain

for more tips please order my upcoming book please click here 


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