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Neck exercise to prevent Neck Injuries -Improve posture alignment

December 9, 2011
Neck exercise

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace.Neck Exercise from BodySmart. Photography: Beth Bischoff

From Body Smart: Click here to read the best digital magazine from Nomad editions
My new Super Body, Super Brain move of the week from Bodysmart magazine is here! This week one of my most challenging moves from my book Super Body, Super Brain

Neck Exercise to prevent neck injuries and improve posture alignment

Neck pain is one of the most feared injuries reaching as many as two-thirds of the population of having some form of serious neck pain at some point in their lives.

Neck pain is caused mainly for aging, bad posture either when seating, in front of the computer, walking or even sleeping. Stress, Anxiety, Muscle tightness, cramps and stiffness are minor symptoms that can lead to a more recurrent and serious neck problem to keep reading the description click here

Click here to see this video
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